How to Buy Used Catalysts Cheaper?

19 November, 2020, КиевB2Blogger.com

Used cats (i.e. catalytic converters) are highly valued in the market due to Pd, Pt, and Rh (otherwise known as PGMs). These metals are the rarest and the most expensive ones in the world. For example, annually approximately 10 tons of platinum can be obtained in total, nearly 70 percent is used for vehicle catalysts in comparison with 2-5 percent involved in production of computer boards and jewelry.

What roles in the process of exhaust gas cleaning do they play? Precious metals from this mix have own functions: palladium is an oxidation catalyst, platinum is required for oxidation, and rhodium is commonly used as reduction chemical catalyst.

The price of a used catalytic converter is based on the remaining content of PGMs. The proportions and amount of these metals depend on many factors, but the most important of them are vehicle type, age, and origin.

You can expect approximately the following amount of PGMs in used catalysts:

  • motorcycles, light-duty trucks, and cars — 2-6 g (0,07-0,21 oz);
  • SUVs and larger-engine tracks — 6-30 g (0,21-1,05 oz).

Yes, the difference between the minimum and maximum values is quite big, but the total amount of Pd, Pt, and Rh depends on the age of any particular catalyst as well.

What you should take into account too is the engine type. Remember, that catalysts designed for gasoline vehicles contain all three types of precious metals. As a rule, used exhaust gas cleaning devices for diesel engine vehicles cost cheaper, because they contain no Pd and use only Rh and Pt.

Also note, that cats manufactured in Japan and Germany typically contain more PGMs than those originated from other countries.

How Much Does a Good Used Catalyst Cost?

The longer a catalyst is in use, the cheaper it costs, because only a smaller amount of Pd, Pt, and Rh (if we are talking about a gasoline-powered-vehicle one) has left. It is almost impossible to indicate the most reasonable price. Used catalysts may cost from $200 to more than $1,000. 

Of course, newer original ones are more expensive.

If your job is connected with buying old cats, you know how it is important to find a reliable place where the best variants are gathered. If you are looking for a great website to monitor the best offers, visit https://autocatalystmarket.com/ — bmw catalyst for prices of branded used catalysts. Just hit the Show the Price button to be fully informed. You can find proven vehicle catalysts in the catalog. It is extremely important if you are interested to make the best deal and achieve a larger profit.

In conclusion, it should be admitted that buying used vehicle cats for further selling is quite a profitable business. But in order to succeed in this, you need to be an experienced specialist. In this sphere, more practice is needed, but always keep in mind that you bet your own money. A proven catalyst market will help you a lot to make no disappointing mistakes. It is always safer to cooperate with a reliable partner than agree to dubious offers accidentally found elsewhere on the Web.


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