Peter Dennelis Dives Into the World of NFTs with Majestic Bears

3 February, 2022, КиевB2Blogger.com

As the world of NFTs continues to rapidly expand, a number of artists from various walks of life are venturing in to see what it’s all about.

As the world of NFTs continues to rapidly expand, a number of artists from various walks of life are venturing in to see what it’s all about. Artists such as Peter Dennelis - a 3D designer who has roots in both Morocco and the Netherlands. He graduated from the Massachusetts School of Art, and has honed his craft in 3D design for 11 years.

He has amassed a wealth of experience working in television and film productions for major studios, such as Warner Bros, Universal Pictures, and The Walt Disney Company. More specifically, he worked alongside design professionals like Andy Nicholson, Kate Hawley, and Adam Stockhausen. If you’ve seen motion pictures like Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018), or Suicide Squad (2016), then you’ve undoubtedly witnessed the extraordinary quality of animation and design that Peter has to offer.

We communicated with 3D designer now-turned NFT artist Peter Dennelis, and got an inside look at his extensive creative background. After getting to know each other, we were absolutely sure he’d be the ideal choice for an artist to help bring the Majestic Bears NFT project to life. Right away, he was sold on the idea of contributing to Majestic Bears, and that was that.

While they each vary in their style, fashion, and background, every Majestic Bear is a massive icon of success. They’re totally full of energy, ready to charge upward and take over the world and the Metaverse at a moment's notice.

Supported by our team of investors, entrepreneurs, Blockchain experts, and marketing wizards, there’s no obstacle that can possibly stop The Majestic Bears.

In anticipation of the launch of Majestic Bears, we’ll be putting everyone on our team of designers in the spotlight, and sharing their story with you. All of them possess an unparalleled level of expertise in their chosen style. Moreover, they’ve been exclusively hand-picked directly from a select number of household names in the production industry, such as Universal, Warner Bros, and Disney - just to name a few.

We made some time to chat with Peter Dennelis to get his thoughts on the Majestic Bears NFT project, and what excited him the most about it. We also talked about what the transition into the world of NFTs has been like for him.


Q: What gets you most excited about Majestic Bears?

Peter Dennelis: Well, while this is only my first major NFT project, I’d say what excites me the most overall about Majestic Bears, is that these creations are going to come to life in a way that’s very different from the other pieces I’ve done. By that, I mean that people will be able to interact with their Majestic Bear in the Metaverse - something that’s never been done before. 


Q: How familiar were you about NFTs before taking on this project?

Peter Dennelis: You know, I had been hearing about NFT for several months from various sources - TV, YouTube, you name it. Thing is, I still didn’t know exactly what an NFT was… Now, every week, we’re hearing about a celebrity buying a Bored Ape and changing their profile picture. 

A few months ago, I headed to Miami Beach to attend the Art Basel - an annual contemporary art exhibition. I met Julien there, who’s the co-founder of Majestic Bears. He’s been in the NFT space since its inception, and had been traveling around to different countries giving talks about it. There was just something about his personality that resonated with me. Plus, he was looking for an artist for his collection… So, after meeting up and chatting a few times, we decided to link up and work on Majestic Bears together.


Q: Do you think you’ll keep releasing projects in the NFT space?

Peter Dennelis: Absolutely. We haven’t even finished Majestic Bears, and yet I’m already cooking up some ideas for another NFT project. What a lot of people are overlooking, is that the NFT space is providing an incredible opportunity for artists to get paid for their work, while also providing extra perks for people to buy, such as membership in exclusive clubs. I can only imagine what other innovations are going to come about in the future.

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